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Welcome to Joanne’s Book Reviews.

Hello my name is Joanne I am 20 years old. I like doing art and crafts. I like doing drawing. I like doing Hama beads patterns or designs. I have a cat called Alfie. And I like cooking.


Joanne volunteers at the bookshop every week, helping Natasha with new stock and reviewing books of course!


I really enjoyed reading this book, the pictures were so funny and well illustrated. I especially like Gregory, he is my favourite person in this book. Gregory is a middle brother he’s always piggy in the middle always getting blamed for something by his older brother Rodrick. And his baby brother’s name is called Manny. Gregory’s best friend is Rowley and he likes to talk about him in his diary.

This is a hard book to put down, it’s a must read book. There are so many other books to complete your collection. To add to your bookshelf. It’s a fantastic book to read at home. Can also be your friend in need, I give this book a five stars review. I hope you have fun reading it.