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Bethany is our lovely work experience girl, who is helping us out on Thursdays. Bethany is an avid reader, so she’s in the right place! Our comfy sofa is proving to be a perfect reading spot.

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This magazine is a must have for book lovers ages 8 -14, from the shiny and informative cover, to the fascinating and varied content, this is perfect for your budding bookworm – providing detailed extracts from and reviews of, the newest and exciting releases (as well as  a couple of blasts from the past), fun quizzes and games and fascinating insights into the mind and working habits of authors.

This magazine is fantastic!

A delightful and charming introduction to the languages of the world. Educational and whimsical, this informative treasure is complimented by the free app.


A delightful festive treat that captures the feeling of Christmas. The rhyme and charming illustrations will mesmerize readers young and old. Whilst the 120 stickers included provide plenty of festive fun.


A Dickens of a way to introduce your child to the world of colour using A Christmas Carol. A simple but charming,  festive picture book for toddlers and babies.

A loving and magical retelling of E. T. A. Hoffman’s beloved classic gorgeously illustrated by the illustrator of Puff the Magic Dragon Eric Puybaret. A fantastic Christmas gift for the ballet lover in your family and anybody who loves the Nutcracker .


Another winner for  the  beautifully illustrated series known for hair-raising twists on beloved fairy tales. We follow Kittie Lacey hairdresser to the fairy tale characters  as she goes on a well deserved holiday and helps romance blossom  between princess Jamilla and her tour guide Aladdin. A colourful (and glittery!) book for fairy tale lovers.

Did you know Sacajawea was a mother? Or that Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim the English Channel? I  didn’t!

A must have for feminists  and history nerds of all ages. This book is fun educational and absolutely thrilling. Kate Pankhurst, whose famous ancestor Emmeline Pankhurst is featured in this book, provides fascinating facts about women from history. Accompanied by her charming illustrations, she handles delicate subjects with tact, keeping it truthful, but age appropriate.

There is also a activity book available with over 200 stickers that acts as a perfect companion.


What can I say? This book is fangtastic! It is witty engaging and creative; a must have for fans of  the Addam’s Family, Tim Burton and  Laika. This is sure to be a ghoulishly fantastic hit.  The world of Amelia Fang is marvelous, from the charming characters such as Grimaldi a  grim reaper who’s a bit  of a scardy cat, to the pompous yet intriguing Tangine and the charming and adventurous Amelia, this story will leave you wanting more.


A darkly comedic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood  that won the New York Times illustrated books with a delightful twist. The limited colour palette evokes a dusty and dark world, as you challenge your preconceptions of Little Red Riding Hood. The charmingly simplistic, yet eerie illustrations add charm  and  intrigue.

This book is adorable. It is the perfect introduction to the world of ballet – the press buttons play excerpts from the various ballets featured in the book.  The illustrations are gorgeous; I particularly like the choices of ballets featured from the well known Nutcracker, to the obscure Afternoon of a Fawn. This is the perfect gift for a young ballerina  at Christmas or before a show.

(Natacha Godeau and Christelle Galloux)

I  think this is an interesting and creative idea to introduce your kid’s to fairy tales. I love how the art is simplistic and charming, as overly detailed colouring books can be a bit daunting. The stickers are a really cute addition too.