Saturday 18th March, 3:00-4:00p.m.

Join us for a celebration of science!

We will be creating our own rockets, to take home. Please feel free to bring along any of the following:
*plastic bottles
*tin foil
*toilet or kitchen roll tubes

But most of all, bring along your imagination!

Spaces are limited to 12, so book in to avoid disappointment.


Saturday 25th March, 4:00-5:30p.m.


 Meet the creators of Eric the Spider.

Eric may only be a little spider, but that doesn’t stop him from having some big adventures!

When a spider, with big, long, spider legs, is spotted behind a curtain he seems a little scary. Luckily, he is quickly caught in a box full of socks and named Eric.

But when Eric steals the socks (and a bike!) and goes on the run it is up to a diligent policeman to find the right sock-footed spider, stop Eric and rescue the bike!

Join Eric on his adventures as he escapes with some socks, flees from a birthday party, and goes camping on a very, very wet day in this beautifully illustrated rhyming book.



book club.png



Murphy is an expert on all things Monster Dad says Monsters aren’t even real, But Mum isn’t so sure … What happens when they get an unexpected visitor who’s rather on the large size? Follow their story and find out more …
Join B.B for a reading of the book and meet Yoshi. We’ll also have colouring sheets and masks for the children!