School Services

We offer a number of options to bring books, stories, and literacy to your schools and classrooms. Some of the services we provide are:

Library Audits: We will work with your librarian/literacy lead, to audit your library/school reading resources, providing comprehensive lists of titles to suit the needs of your specific school. This service costs £40 per hour.

Book service: Books can be ordered via email, over the phone or in person. All schools receive a 10% discount (please note that some educational titles carry a smaller discount from the publishers), as well as free delivery. Orders are invoiced to the school, with a month to settle the payment, apart from the end of the summer term, when settlement needs to occur before the end of the term.

Author/illustrator visits: We work with a wide range of authors throughout the year. Authors will visit schools for a fee, or alternatively, many of them will run sessions at Chicken and Frog. Occasionally authors will visit for free, as part of a book tour,  with the proviso that you order books in advance of the event. We will set a minimum order depending upon the size of the audience.

Storytelling/writing workshops: Natasha is available for interactive storytelling sessions and creative writing workshops, across the key stages. These sessions can be planned to complement specific topics, themes and genres, depending upon your requirements. The fee is £40 per hour.


We have a full schedule of author events for schools and home educators. If you’d like to know more, please do get in contact.

Contact by completing the form below, call 01277 230068 or come in.