We offer the following services for schools:

Library Audits: We will work with your librarian/literacy lead, to audit your library/school reading resources, providing comprehensive lists of titles to suit the needs of your specific school. This service costs £40 per hour.

Book service: Books can be ordered via email, over the phone or in person. All schools receive a 15% discount (apart from some educational books which carry a smaller discount from the publishers), as well as free delivery. Orders are invoiced to the school, with a month to settle payment, apart from the end of the summer term, when settlement needs to occur before the end of term.

Author visits: We work with a wide range of authors throughout the year. Authors will visit schools for a fee, or alternatively many of them will run sessions at Chicken and Frog. Occasionally authors will visit for free, as part of a book tour,  with the proviso that you order books in advance of the event. We will set a minimum order depending upon the size of the audience.

Storytelling/writing workshops: Natasha is available for interactive storytelling sessions and creative writing workshops, across the key stages. These sessions can be planned to compliment specific topics, themes and genres, depending upon your requirements. The fee is £40 per hour.

CPD: All of these whole-school courses are available as a full day (£850) or half day (£500). We are happy to deliver our courses to staff from multiple schools, in order to accommodate your CPD budget.

Cracking Comprehension KS2

This course will provide opportunities to explore the nature of reading comprehension within the KS2 setting. Poetry, fiction and non-fiction texts will be referred to throughout the day.

  • Teaching strategies to develop comprehension skills
  • Reciprocal reading methods
  • Using comprehension to assess reading

Reading for Life! KS1&2

This course will focus on the ways in which children develop as readers and provide ways forward for supporting children at school. The key aim is that your pupils will embrace the joy of reading and develop key reading skills for life.

  • Exploring a range of texts
  • Creating stimulating reading areas
  • The stages of reading
  • Embedding of a reading community

Effective Group & Guided Reading KS1 & 2

This course will allow practitioners to share best practice and explore ways forward within their setting. A range of strategies, including reciprocal reading, will be shared and discussed.

  • The use of higher order questioning
  • How to resource effectively
  • Sharing best practice
  • Observations leading to informed planning and accurate assessment

Supporting EAL Learners

This course will provide teachers and teaching assistants with the confidence to promote a fully inclusive approach to supporting students with English as an additional language. In addition to the promotion of literacy being explored through key strategies, methods for tracking progress to meet the needs of the individual and/or focus groups are also considered.

Quality Texts Leading to Quality Writing KS1 & 2

This course focuses on which quality texts suit your pupils and how to utilise these in an inspiring way, to develop a child’s desire to write (and read) for pleasure, as well as to fit the current criteria of the primary curriculum.

Parent reading workshops

This session is flexible in terms of length, tailor made to suit the needs of the parents at your school. Parents will be introduced to a range of techniques that can be used at home, to encourage their child/ren to read in a safe, engaging environment. The fee for this session is dependent upon the length of time it runs for.


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