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Goodness Gracious Gantt

Apologies for the radio silence; it’s been a very busy few weeks, with work, family life and studying all thrown into the mix.

As a research student at ARU, I need to resubmit my proposal under very strict guidelines. The main challenge for me is to cut the original document in half, whilst adding in detail. I am naturally quite wordy when I write, so this is going to be tricky. However, after a great training session today, I feel more focused, so let’s see where the editing process takes me!

Over the next week, I will be tackling the Gantt. I’ll be honest, I’d never even heard of a Gantt until last month, during supervision with Professor Eugene Giddens. I now understand the premise and even the purpose, but going from a blank page to something that tracks the next 6 year trajectory, to look like this,

scares me (slightly).

Today has been the most full on day so far. I began with two back-to-back online sessions. The first was about the resub and the second a ‘how to’ for PGR Pro. My tech skills are average at best, but the training definitely boosted my confidence.

This afternoon was taken up with another online training session, this time via Epigeum. Part way through the course on ethics, I silently berated the 18 year old me for not concentrating as well as she could have in A Level Sociology. However, there’s no telling a teen that her future self would really appreciate a better attitude. I made myself proud though and passed with flying colours. No one warned me that there was a test!

What’s next? I have a list: edit the proposal (again, following the very helpful notes from Professor Giddens; continue reading the literature; tackle that Gantt.

Until next time.


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