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Not Without My Whale

10953386_1003357516390069_1504281163637832642_nWe welcomed another author into Chicken and Frog today. Billy Coughlan is a local author, who has had her first picture book, Not Without My Whale, published with Maverick Books. We’re very please to say that another book is due on the shelves in 2017.


Not Without My Whale is a super, gentle book, about coping with daunting situations. It’s a great tale for starting discussions about trying out new things – thankfully Arnold has his whale, as well as a very resourceful friend in Dora.

Billy really worked hard today, sharing her story with three groups of children, including our Creative writing Club. Each session was highly interactive, with actions and cheeky sound effects!

We also found out a lot of interesting whale facts, including the fact that they can hear each other from 500 miles away and that the Cuvier’s Beak whale is one of the smelliest creatures in the ocean! Did you know that a Blue Whale’s tongue is as big as an elephant, or that its heart is the size of a car? Neither did we until this afternoon.

Thank-you to Billy (and to her family for letting us borrow her)- we had a brilliant time and are looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Billy is keen to visit schools in the New Year, so if you’re interested in booking her, just pop in or email us.


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Book, book, book club

So, we’ve been having a bit of a think and we’ve come up with a plan. A plan that we think will add some excitement to the reading experiences of children in and around Brentwood. I say ‘we’, it was actually Mr Frog’s idea, but as he says, he’s the ‘ideas man’ and then I put the details together…we are a great team.

Book Club

From the 7th June, we will be running a monthly book club for children aged 8+. The club will take place on the first Saturday of each month, 15:15-16:00*. For the cost of just £7, I (Mrs Chicken) will lead a discussion and activity based upon a given book. The cost will include a copy of the month’s book to take home and love! We will ask you to book your place in advance, so that we order in enough copies of the books. Each month the children will receive a new book, which they are invited to read in their own time, and then bring with them in the following meeting. (Gosh, I’ve said ‘book’ a lot – sorry).

On the 5th June meeting, we will give out the book and read the beginning together, before having a good old discussion about it, followed by a book-based activity. The children will be given a choice of titles to vote on for the following month’s book.

*For the sharp-witted amongst you, you will notice that this means our younger Creative Writing Club will be affected. So, as of the 7th June, we will be merging the Creative Writing Clubs into one session every week. To clarify, Creative Writing Club will run from 16:00-17:30 every week for all ages, with a monthly Book Club preceding it. If your child wishes to attend both clubs, there will be a discounted fee of £10, because we’re nice like that!

For further information, or to secure a place, contact us: or 01277 230068

Just in case I haven’t said it enough, book, book, book…