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Chicken and Frog to the Rescue

Here at Chicken and Frog we always like to provide our customers with whatever they need, from books about lighthouses to a reprinted classic from years gone by. So, when a young man (who aspires to become a firefighter) came in and asked if we could help him brush up for his basic skills test, who was I to say no?

I know what you’re thinking; a young firefighter eh, no wonder she said yes. Well, how very dare you! It won’t be me (sadly) who will be delivering the tuition, so you can stop that right now. However, if he chooses to let his fellow colleagues know about us and they happen to visit Chicken and Frog, I will be my usual, hospitable self.

There is a serious edge to this blog post dear reader, and that is to let you know in my rambling manner, that as well as 11+, English and Maths (KS1-‘A’ Level) and French Conversation, we now offer basic skills sessions for in adults in English and Maths. Our main time slot will be Thursdays 18.00-19.00, but we can run sessions during the day too if that would suit your needs. The cost is just £15 per hour and all sessions must be pre-booked, as we guarantee no more than four students in a group.

I appreciate that it can be difficult as an adult to ask for help when it comes to numeracy and literacy skills, but once you have made that first step there’ll be no looking back. You don’t need to commit to a long costly course and each session will be tailored to support you. All we ask is that after the first session, you book and pay in advance for following sessions.

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CP What?

CPD, or ‘Continuing Professional Development’, is the fancy term that we use when we talk about training. You can get into a good old argument about the differences between ‘training’ and ‘development’, but I don’t have the energy for that right now!

English: Training Français : Formation
Not my ideal training scenario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


That’s better!

 If delivered (and I would argue, attended) effectively, then CPD is a way of managing your own development. It should never be just a tick-box experience where you can go back to your portfolio and add a meaningless generic title to your list of courses. I have been to many a course where the best part of the day was the sweets on the table.

English: A selection of Swizzels Matlow sweets...
Sugar, the teacher’s true friend!. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, when I started to put together a programme that we would offer at Chicken and Frog, I determined that the courses we offer for schools allow the participants to:

  • be self-directed, active learners
  • set realistic goals and objectives
  • have the space for reflection and review, through concrete experiences

How will we ensure that this is the case? I have been completely self-indulgent in the choices of courses on offer and am only willing to provide a day that I have a personal interest in. This does sound very ego-centric, but isn’t it better that I am passionate about the material than choose something that I don’t have a keen interest in? I do not profess to be an ‘expert’, but I do have a great deal of experience which I am keen to share with fellow educationalists.

If you would like to find out more, do visit our ‘Schools’ page or drop us an email to

N.B. There will be sweets on the table!