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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog. This is all very new for me, so bear with my wittering. I thought I’d begin by explaining our name. We had no idea what to call our new venture, and then Jim (yes, I will blame him) said, ‘How about ‘Chicken and Frog’, you know, like the joke?’ So, this is the joke:

A chicken walks into a bookshop and says ‘Book, book, book, book.’

The Frog replies ‘Readit, readit, readit!’

It’s terrible we know, but it still makes me chortle, so it’s stuck. I can only apologise…



The independent children's bookshop and tuition centre in the heart of Brentwood, Essex. Owned and run by Mr Frog & Mrs Chicken (happily married book-nerds), with the sole aim of bringing high quality books and tuition to our community.