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…and the verdict is

After nearly a whole day of waiting, our middle radish finally got to take a look around the Pottermore site. She was really looking forward to it. I could tell because she managed to get dressed in about a minute, which in this house is a record. Off she rushed to log in and all seemed well. We heard a gleeful ‘Yes!’ as she was assigned to Gryffindor; I think it would have all been over if any other House had been allocated. But, within an hour she reached a disappointing verdict. The positives are that it is free, you can chat with people in your House and you ‘get to take cool quizzes’, but on the negative ‘the games seem a bit pointless because the instructions aren’t clear’ and the interaction was limited.

I had a quick look myself (for research purposes of course!) and unfortunately, I have to agree. Although the site has great potential and looks rather wonderful, it is quite dull in reality. Maybe some of the glitches will be ironed out over time, but for now, in the opinion of our radish, Pottermore does not live up to the hype. For a book loving parent, there is a plus-side of this disappointment and that is that the books hold more appeal, which will result in less screen time. As an advocate of reading over playing computer games, for me at least, this isn’t such a bad thing.

As with everything, opinions will differ greatly, so I leave you to decide for yourselves. Is Pottermore a hit or a miss?





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