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My obsession with Alice

I’m sitting here in our front room and looking lovingly at my Alice collection. I have near on 100 editions of Alice in Wonderland, pictures, playing cards, jewellery, a kaleidoscope, even a tattoo. My most prized edition is a Mebel Lucie Atwell c.1910, with coloured plates. What is wrong with me? Just last week at the London Book Fair, I found myself dribbling slightly over American Macgee’s Alice. Do I really need yet another version?

Yes I do. Alice in Wonderland was one of the first ‘big’ books that I owned as a child. The edition I was given was sparsely illustrated, with very small text. It has a dull plain red cover, the glossy crimson dust jacket has long since gone. I tell you I loved that book. I remember immersing myself completely within it’s strangely compelling plot. And I think I love it even more today. It has been read to all three of my children, before they born. Yes, I am one of those odd folk who read to her bump.

Long live my obsession, I highly recommend taking on a book-based passion, it’s what started my love affair with reading.


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