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I <3 nerds

I am a nerd! It’s official. I’ve known for a while, but when my Face Book status read ‘My dwarven shaman just reached level 8 *ding*’ I could no longer deny it to the rest of the world. Up until now I’ve shyly admitted that I have nerd-like tendencies, including my taste in men (namely Mr Frog). Gone are the days of my youth when I mocked my nerdy friends for playing such ‘ridiculous’ games.

However, I justify this state of afffairs with the following facts*. Dungeons and Dragons (my game of choice):

  1. is an amazing way of bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together
  2. develops the imagination
  3. is story-telling at its best (though sometimes at its worst)
  4. encourages team work
  5. develops mental maths skills

So there you have it. You see, D&D is the perfect pass time for people who love spinning a good yarn (and killing dire rats).

And for this reason, we will be hosting many a games evening/afternoon at Chicken and Frog.

*well, strongly held beliefs


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