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What’s on your child’s reading table?

I’ve just had a quick nose at my children’s bed-side tables to see what books they’ve got on the go at the moment.

Eldest (aged 12) is currently reading Liz Kessler’s ‘A Year without Autumn’ and Holly Goldberg Sloan’s ‘I’ll be there’. She’s very much into books which explore relationships; I think I went through the same phase at her age. But she’s also reading ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nightime’, which is completely outside of her comfort zone and yet, she’s thoroughly enjoying it. 

Our 10 year old is reading ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Eragon’. She’s very much into the fantasy genre, which is no surprise as she lives in a house of geeks! Her other book is ‘Secrets’ by Jacqueline Wilson. I asked her which is her favourite, but she couldn’t decide.

And lastly, our youngest (who will be 5 at the end of May) has ‘Dr.Seuss on the Loose’, ‘The Hums of Pooh’ and ‘The Big Book of Nonsense’  at the end of his bed. He’s madly into Dr Seuss right now, having borrowed nine from Brentwood Library yesterday! He also loves information books, which he seems to be devouring.

In a way I don’t mind what they read, as long as they are reading. On saying that, our youngest daughter has a much wider vocabulary than our eldest and I would certainly put a great deal of that down to their different reading choices. It turns out that they have quite an ecclectic taste in their reading material. It will be interesting to see if their tastes change over the course of time.


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