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A turbulent week

Sorry for the lack of communication this week, it’s not been a good one. We have had a bit of a battle on our hands to get the shop up and running and honestly, there have been moments where it looked like the battle was lost.  However, I am a very optimistic little chicken and insist on looking on the bright side. We have a plan, a cunning plan. I just hope it pans out.

Anyway, the main reason for my ramblings tonight is this. I have had an idea and want to see what other people think. We are going to offer tuition in the shop, but are aware that tuition fees are out of some parents’ reach. So, we would like to be able to offer free or minimal charge tuition to children who would benefit from it. In an ideal world we would do this out of the kindness of our hearts (we are lovely people), but as we have bills to pay and children who insist on eating every day, that’s not an option. So, how about approaching Brentwood Council to see if they would like to join forces and fund the initiative? If successful, we could roll it out to others in the community who may need help with ICT, literacy or numeracy skills, to get them back into work.

Chicken and Frog aims to be a hub for the local community and we feel passionately about education for all; this scheme could tick both boxes. What do you think?


The independent children's bookshop and tuition centre in the heart of Brentwood, Essex. Owned and run by Mr Frog & Mrs Chicken (happily married book-nerds), with the sole aim of bringing high quality books and tuition to our community.