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Did the Harry Potter tour live up to expectations?

This afternoon Mr Frog and our middle chicklet went off to North West London to visit the ‘Harry Potter Studio Tour’. To say that she was excited would be such an understatement that I fear I may be sued for it. At one point I thought that I may have to physically peel her from the ceiling, she was so hyped up. It’s fair to say that Mr Frog was not far behind her and would no doubt have gone alone if need be. To be blunt, he bought the tickets as much for himself as for our lovely daughter. However, by doing so, he did win the ‘Father of the Year’ award!

Throughout the afternoon texts came pinging in: ‘She’s so hyper and we haven’t even got in yet :)’, followed by ‘H is drinking Butterbeer*. Her smile hasn’t vanished for a second since they opened the doors’ and so on. The photographic evidence backs this up, she looks slightly unhinged at times; that’s how wide the eyes and grin are! When they got home I asked what the highlights were and the rapid reply was ‘Everything’. This is a dream for the Harry Potter fan. The sets are so well crafted, the detailing in the props so expertly designed, that you can’t help but be impressed. Mr Frog purchased the digital guide, but because there’s so much to see he said ‘we couldn’t tear our eyes away long enough to listen.’, so they didn’t use them. That’s not meant as a negative, rather a bow to the quality of the exhibition itself.

I don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone who is planning to go, so will not give anything else away. There are many surprises throughout the tour, enough to keep a Potter fan happy for a while at least. The website ( is pretty cool in itself, so worth a look if you’re interested. I will finish with a classic JK quote ‘No story lives unless someone wants to listen’ and from where I’m sitting, plenty of people still want to listen to the magical tales of Harry Potter.


*’Very, very awesome! Seriously it is amazing.’


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