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Jubilant Jubilee

The Jubilee is well and truly upon us and I think that even those amongst us who do not consider themselves royalists have fallen for the patriotism of it all.
And why not? Life is pretty tough for many at the moment. Maybe a little bit of community spirit is just what we need to pull us through! I for one am truly excited about celebrating the Jubilee. Not because I am a particularly huge fan of the monarchy (although I have nothing against them), but because it’s a very good excuse for an old fashioned street party. Sharing a cup of tea and a scone with a neighbour that you usually just give a cursory wave of acknowledgement to has to be a good thing.
I realise that this little ramble seems to be completely disconnected from all things bookish, but I can make a link, honest! The undeniable sense of community that is in the air at the moment is exactly what we want for Chicken & Frog. We have no idea when our dreams will come to fruition, as the property we were after has fallen through (boo), but we won’t give up. Everything happens for a reason, I really do believe that. Until then, we will continue to champion literacy and community.
Long live Chicken & Frog, oh and Queen Elizabeth too!


The independent children's bookshop and tuition centre in the heart of Brentwood, Essex. Owned and run by Mr Frog & Mrs Chicken (happily married book-nerds), with the sole aim of bringing high quality books and tuition to our community.