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A perk of the ‘job’

One of the perks (yes, there are some) of this new venture is that from time to time we get sent a wonderful parcel of proof copies. I am a huge fan of this, firstly because I get free books and that’s never a bad thing and secondly, I get to have a sneak preview of some amazing stuff!

So, this week I have been reading Michelle Paver’s Gods and Warriors. Paver is an award winning author, claiming the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. A great achievement indeed. I think something that sets this author apart from the rest is her immersion into the whole process. She researches painstakingly, which builds towards the creation of very credible, although fantastical worlds.

ImageI’ll be honest, when I first received this book I earmarked it for our youngest daughter, thinking it would be perfect for her. I have waited two whole weeks and now my patience has worn out. I couldn’t wait any longer for H to read it first, so I have stolen it away. In just two days I have read a little under half of the book. I know that doesn’t sound like much to some of you, but it is half term, which means herding three children (four including Mr Frog) around and I have been poorly (sympathy always accepted, thank-you).

In summary, I would say that this is a real page-turner, with beautifully constructed settings and characters so well crafted, that you feel instantly connected to them. I will endeavour to finish Gods and Warriors within the week and let you know my final thoughts.With the blurb on the proof claiming ‘this is a guaranteed Number One best seller.’ it will interesting to see if Paver’s new publishers are right.The book is due to be published on 28th August.


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