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Book clear out?

I don’t know why but I decided that I would have a good old sort out through the children’s books this evening. We’re rapidly running out of shelf space, so something needs to be done.
However, this task is riddled with problems:
Problem 1 There are books quite literally everywhere; where do I begin?
Problem2 I am a huge book nerd (no surprises there) and find parting with books very difficult.
Problem 3 My kids are also big book nerds and they’re worse book hoarders than me.
Problem 4 A lot of the books on the children’s bookshelves are actually mine and quite frankly I’m not prepared to part with them.

So there you have it. Space is limited, my book habit is worsening and I am terrible at giving books away. The result? We may have to invest in more shelving!


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