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Vintage Books

Pssst, hey you, come here for a moment. I have found a new love and it’s not Mr Frog (he’s my old, irreplaceable love). I’ll tell you, but only if you promise not to keep it to yourselves! That’s right, you need to share this piece of news. Ok? Great!
About a month ago I saw a tweet from @vintagebooks which pictured a rather beautiful Alice in Wonderland illustration by the deliciously talented Annelie Carlstrom. As you may already know, I do have an affirmed addiction to all things Alice, so this new artwork excited me. I tweeted my delight and luckily for me, @vintagebooks replied saying they would send me a catalogue.
Said catalogue arrived last week, along with gorgeously designed bookmarks. I know it’s tragic, but a well put together catalogue makes me very happy. I had decided to purchase this new Alice to add to my ever growing collection. It’s due for publication in August, so not too long to wait. Hooray!
But today another parcel arrived. And you’ll never guess what was inside…the new Alice, The Jungle Book AND Black Beauty. How lucky am I?
Let me tell you about these books. They are so beautiful; yes, I do judge a book (partly) by its cover. And they have a real treat as an added extra. At the back of each book there’s a section called ‘The Backstory’ which introduces the reader to the author, explains some vocabulary and tests the reader’s knowledge of the book. The inner teacher came out at this point! These questions are perfect for guided reading sessions.
But you don’t have to be a teacher to appreciate these books. It’s really great to find classic titles, reprinted in their complete unabridged glory. The back cover has a handy age guide, which can be helpful if you’re unsure what to buy.
Alongside the launch of this collection, there will be an interactive website which promises a whole host of materials to entertain and enthuse readers. What’s not to like?


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