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Book clubs rock!

It’s a bit of a sad day for me today. Yes, it’s Friday, which is always a plus, but this morning was the last meeting for this year’s Carnegie/Greenaway Shadowing Scheme. This has been the first time thatI have run a book club/reading group and I have loved it.

Obviously being linked to the Carnegie/Greenaway Awards is a joy in its own right. The book choices are all of an impressive standard, so there’s never a doubt that you will find something to disappear into. But, the real joy isn’t the books, I can read those on my own and frequently do. It’s the children. They are so passionate about what they read, it’s infectious!

I asked for feedback from the group today and this was one of the comments: ‘I really enjoyed the shadowing scheme. I feel unique being able to participate in the awards and being part of our very own blog.’ I asked what impact the group had had on their reading habits and the overwhelming response was that they were reading more often and trying out new genres and authors who they would not have considered before. The children were exposed to books which they never would have normally chosen, they became engrossed in some heated, high level debates and they got to meet some pretty awesome authors and illustrators. Job done!

So, will we taking part again next year? You bet!


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