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Last night I decided that it would be a really good idea to have an early night – I know, tragic for a Friday night, but I’m not good on too little sleep. So I got my myself all comfortable and picked up my current read, namely Colin Mulhern’s Arabesque. This dear reader was a mistake. I did not get my early night because every time I peered at the clock I thought ‘just one more page’. This continued until I had finished the whole thing. I am weak-willed at the best of times when it comes to putting a book down, but this book is seriously un-put-down-able!

I’ve never read anything of Mulhern’s before (sorry), so wasn’t sure what to expect. From the start it is obvious that this is not a fluffy girlie novel about ballet, with the tag line ‘Be the best. Gymnast. Friend. Thief?’ printed along the top of the proof copy (yes, I am lucky enough to have number 22/150 of a limited edition proof). And although the blurb doesn’t shade the underlying violence which runs through the novel, when those moments are described in such detail, you can not help but be taken aback. I don’t want to give anything away because it really wouldn’t be fair to the reader, but what I will say is that you won’t be disappointed. You may be shocked, your heart will race, you may have really odd dreams, but you will be as desperate as I was to reach the conclusion.

Arabesque is due for publication in September. Believe me it is well worth the wait.


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