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A Little Diversion

I have been sent a copy of Jojo Moyes recent novel ‘Me Before You’. This is not a children’s book by any stretch, not even a teen’s read in my opinion, but I thought I’d share my review with you anyway, just in case you fancy trying something different.

This is a love story, it’s true, but not your conventional kind. Lou is wonderfully vibrant, I could picture her instantly and wanted her to break free from the constraints of her routine life. Will on the other hand, despite his terrible situation, took a lot more time to warm to. He’s difficult, at times cruel and not so easy to like.

Somehow, Moyes draws the reader in to the confusion of these intertwined characters and makes their story believable. I admit that I wept, and not just once. The story is so much more complex than the front cover suggests. Honestly, if I had seen it on a bookshelf I would have passed it by (sorry), because it gives the appearance of a slushy romance novel, which is just not my thing. However, you really should not judge a book by its cover, because ‘Me Before You’ certainly isn’t an easy read. You find yourself questioning all the way through, ‘What would I do…?’

What I really love about this book is the family dynamics which encircle the whole; they build up a sense of reality which makes the plot-line so much more believable. And the fact that the ending may not be entirely what you wish for, but it does make complete sense within the context, staying true to the characterisation which Moyes so beautifully constructs.


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