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Let’s get to the bottom of it!

We get asked for lots of different types of books and one subject comes up time and again. The toilet! Being a slightly harassed mum of three lovely children, I know all too well the trials and tribulations of potty training. Let me just say here that I am by no means an expert and I am always a little suspicious of those who claim to be. However, I have been through it with three very different children and survived to tell the tale.

This blog is a review of the Dorling Kindersley ‘Potty Time’ series (Boys and Girls), which takes you and your child through some of the practical steps of reaching the ‘dry’ goal. To lighten the mood, I will also take a look at Tony Ross’ ‘I Want My Potty’, a fabulous picture book which takes a slightly less conventional approach to becoming nappy-free!



Boys’ Potty Time £4.99 ISBN 978-1-40535-255-0      Girls’ Potty Time £4.99 ISBN 978-1-40535-256-7

The ‘Potty Time’ books are well designed, made out of a resilient glossy board. This may seem unimportant, but if the book holds up to endless readings and the odd throw across the bathroom floor, then it is half way to being a winner before you even open the pages. The books take the child through the various stages of transition between nappies and pants or knickers, from buying ‘grown-up’ underwear to the final success of using the potty or toilet.

What I really like about this particular series is the simplicity of it. The photographs are bright and clear, picturing a range of children. The graphics are coupled with minimal text which will engage your child, without over-complicating the matter. There’s a cute little teddy bear who takes the same journey as the child, earning his or her stickers (located at the back of the book) as each new stage is achieved.

As I have said, I am no expert, but I can certainly testify to the power of the reward sticker, as both a parent and teacher. Receiving a small, manageable reward can be a great incentive for children. What I would say is that once they have earned a sticker it should never be taken away, even if they go a little backwards in their journey. In fact, the book validates the fact that accidents happen and that it’s ok to make mistakes. Too true, learning to use the toilet can be a tricky business for some.

Today’s second potty-related book is a little different. Tony Ross uses a great deal of humour to tell the story of the feisty Little Princess, as she battles with the potty. Initially the Little Princess is not at all impressed with the idea of using the potty, as is illustrated below:


But, in time she learns that the potty is indeed ‘the place’ and learns to love it. I remember very well reading and then re-reading this gem to my children, as we encouraged them to take the brave leap from nappy to knickers!

This particular book comes in a range of formats, including both paperback and board, however I would suggest that the board book version is the most suitable considering the age of the child it is aimed towards. The illustrations are vibrant and amusing, pulling the child in to the world of the Little Princess. Although this book does not take you through how to achieve becoming dry, it does highlight the fact that you need to tackle the change with a degree of firmness, but also a large helping of good humour. The reality is that most children are not ‘text book’ and just because the milestone suggests 2 years of age, your child may not be ready until they are older and that’s ok!

£5.99 ISBN 9780862649654



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