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‘Are we nearly there yet?’

The dreaded phrase that unites parents across the world. You know the situation, right? A day trip has been planned for one of those rare days off, and it just has to go well. None of the children want to visit the same place, money is tight and, oh what a shocker, there’s an unprecedented rainstorm/heatwave (delete as appropriate).

So, what to do? Well, as luck may have it, we have just the solution if you live in or around London – or perhaps you are taking a family holiday to the capital?

We have been into London many times with varying degrees of success. London can be expensive and getting there is not always necessarily cheap or easy. Also, if you’re going say, to the Natural History Museum, how much attention do you honestly pay to the rest of your surroundings? If, when you get home the response to ‘What was your favourite part of the day?’ is generally ‘Lunch’ or ‘The rat I saw on the Underground‘, then your heart sinks a little and you mutter something unbloggable!

Have no fear good reader, because Step Outside Guides are here to rescue you. Each book (there are three in the series so far, but here’s hoping for more) is just £5. Have a look at the ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ page for your starting station and away you go. The guides lead you around London on fascinating trails. The books are packed full of ideas for rest stops, places to eat (free picnic spots) and (the best bit for me), the format encourages the children to take the lead. Each trail tells you the distance and estimated time, meaning that you can choose the perfect route for your family.

The London Lion Hunt is a great example of these adventures – you will be amazed how many lions exist in London. This is an ideal way of learning all about London, without the use of Google or Wikipedia!

The books are available in-store at Chicken and Frog Bookshop, but if you are not a local, do check out the website to purchase one of these innovative guides. Make this the beginning of a wonderful new adventure!


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