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Half term rest?

It’s only two days into the half term break and I think I need a rest! I may be on holiday from school, but the bookshop and family life is going full pelt, so it’s go, go, go.

On Monday we ran two Roald Dahl inspired cookery sessions. They were fantastically good fun (and exhausting). The back room still smells of melted chocolate and golden syrup. Yum! You can’t beat filling other people’s children full of sugar and then sending them home. We made ‘Nishnobblers’

which are an ingenious combination of melted chocolate and bubble wrap. You don’t eat the bubble wrap, but it does create a fantastic bubbly effect and tastes scrummy too.

Then we moved onto ‘Willy Wonka’s Nutty Crunch Surprise’. The surprise being no nuts, but plenty of fizzy poppy candy instead. And we rounded off the sugar fest with ‘Fizzy Lifting Drinks’


Burptastic. Huge thanks to the genius that was Roald Dahl for the inspiration and to the brilliant children who joined in the fun.

Today began gently with a lovely sleep in (thanks Mr Frog for getting up with smallest Radish). I made up for the leisurely start with a furious spring clean, before going into the shop to run a drama workshop.


Another fun filled two hours with great children, all willing to get involved with the silly games. We ran through conscience ally, sat on smoking hot seats, created a puppet show and interrogated the Big Bad Wolf. All in a day’s work here at Chicken and Frog. I honestly love my job.



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