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Is Easter the new Christmas?

Easter crackers?!
Easter crackers?!

My first twitch came when I saw Easter crackers in Sainsbury’s. Crackers! Aren’t they a Christmas item? Not that I understand the link between the true meaning of Christmas and crackers filled with toot that ends up in the bin…but I digress.

I know that the Easter egg racket has been rife for many a year,

Mmm, chocolate...
Mmm, chocolate…

but this year it all seems to have spun out of control. I have now lost count of how many eggs and sweet treats my girls have received and given. Since when were children egg-spected (come on, allow me one) to shell (ok, two) out their pocket money to purchase Easter gifts? It’s crazy. And we have had a lot of lovely people coming in looking out for an alternative Easter present. Obviously I’m not complaining about that – it’s great that books are preferable to chocolate!

I’m not sure where I’m going with this little rant, I just wanted to vent a bit about commercialism gone mad. Whatever you are doing this holiday, whether it’s eating copious amount of confection or hiding under a blanket with a good book, I wish you a lovely Easter break.




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