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Silver linings

I am a silver lining kind of chicken, most of the time. Of course I have my moments, especially when I’m tired and/or grumpy, but generally I stay on the positive side of things.

Today has been one of those days where I have had to focus on the cracks of blue sky tucked behind the bulging rain clouds. Rain doesn’t bother me much unless,
1. It causes a leek
2. We are going camping

Oh dear. This morning, as I contemplated making myself a cuppa, I could hear a faint ‘drip, drip, drip’. I shushed Mr Frog in the vain hope that I was mistaken, but alas I was not. We had a very beautiful water feature in our teaching/party room. If this had been outdoors it would have been a jolly expensive enhancement, but indoors is not ideal!

Nearly £200 later, after unsuccessfully trying to reach our upstairs neighbours, whose broken guttering has caused the problem, it is now fixed. Mr Frog is less than thrilled. I’m not exactly pleased, but it could have been worse, it could have happened when we were closed and then we would have had quite a pool of tears going on.
Remember my second reason? Well it turns out that we’re booked in to stay in a tipi over the weekend, which is (and I quote), not guaranteed water proof in heavy rain. Oh good!

We have two options. We can cancel and be very disappointed or we can take a risk and just place things cunningly in the tipi. Obviously option two is what we ave plumped for. I remember many a soggy holiday in Wales as a child, wearing a rather fetching raincoat over a swimming cossie, with equally fetching wellies.

So all in all today has not been one of our best, but then this happened:

And I felt instantly much better. We have the opportunity to finally live out our dream of owning a children’s bookshop where families are comfortable enough to come in, pull up a chair and read. Lovely.
So I blow a rather defiant, possibly immature raspberry to the rain. This is my Bank Holiday and I will enjoy every moment, whether in a rain sodden or sun drenched tipi.


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