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What a week

I don’t usually have much of a social life to be honest. It’s ok, don’t be sad for me. Most of the time I can’t be bothered for one, but this week was the exception to the rule. I went out three nights in a row! Unheard of I can assure you.

On Wednesday Mr Frog and I went off to Vauxhall for a bookish event, hosted by the awesome Vintage Books. As a brief aside, there were lots of readers on the train, which made me very happy. It was a bit of a rush, but well worth it as we got to meet the very lovely Mark Haddon. We chatted about baking mostly and he kindly signed a copy of his book The Red House, for our lovely Alice.

And we got to meet the soon-to-be published Hermione Eyre. Not only does she probably have the best name in the world, she was also super cool. I am very much looking forward to reading her debut in the near future.

Then, on Thursday, I went to see Grease at the Brentwood Theatre. It was fab! It’s great to see a group of young people (gosh I sound old) working together in such a creative way. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they were inspirational. Well done to BOSSY. We are very lucky to have groups such as BOSSY in Brentwood and should make the most of them.

On Friday, we were out for a birthday party. Coo, hark at us, out and about so much. Shameful behaviour. Don’t worry, I shall make up for it by doing quite a lot of nothing social over the next few weeks!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, this Saturday we received the first entry to this year’s creative writing competition. Hurrah!

Well done to William for his great illustrated story and also, for his cheesy grin.

p.s. A quick reminder that Nick and Annette Butterworth will be here on Saturday 16th November, 14:30-16:30, for a free event.



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