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Catch That Caryl!

To say it’s been a busy day is an understatement. Tuesday is our Spanish Rhythm & Rhyme session, which means furniture removal for me and then a back room filled with the sounds of Spanish nursery rhymes. Despite a cold start Jennifer was busy, which was great. Normally I then move furniture back in so that the room is ready for after school tuition, but not today. Instead, I did this:

A sea of cushions
A sea of cushions

Because of this:


Yes, the talented Caryl Hart spent the afternoon at Chicken and Frog. Caryl got here just in time for lunch, before a whole class of Year 2 children arrived to meet a real author. These opportunities can’t be beaten. Caryl talked about the process of writing, the importance of libraries and read her latest book, Catch That Rat!

Libraries are inspirational
Libraries are inspirational

Pinkie helped Caryl to read the story!

The experience for the children was brilliant. They hung on Caryl’s every word, as she shared her book and encouraged the children to take part in the telling. The adults were just as enthralled, which made the afternoon even more magical.

Caryl very kindly signed books for the children and even demonstrated some pretty impressive drawing skills, as she made each book individual,


Although we ran out of time, all of the children got to take home the materials needed to create their very own rat,


We only have three of Caryl’s books left. Looks like I’ll be adding them to this week’s order…thanks Caryl and the children of Hogarth for a superb afternoon. If this is what busy looks like, I welcome it.


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