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Watch out there’s a zombie goldfish about…

There I was last Saturday evening, minding my own business, when suddenly Frankie appeared on the loving room floor,

For those of you who don’t know, Frankie is a zombie goldfish with terrifying powers. His creator, Mo O’Hara, just so happened to visit us yesterday afternoon, so I decided to take Frankie with me to try to get some answers about his bizarre zombifying eyes,

As you can see, Frankie is a law unto himself and sadly, Mo struggled to keep him under control! Don’t worry, no child was zombified at Chicken and Frog. (At least, we hope not).

Mo’s visit was magical, as she read from her brilliant book ‘My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish’, before encouraging the children to come up with their own unusual pets. Pets including Super Penguin and Tracey Beaker Cat – both with the ability to fly at a moment’s notice.



If you missed out yesterday, you did miss a treat, but we do have signed copies of Mo’s books in store.

p.s. Don’t look into the eyes!


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