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I’m not worthy

It’s not often that a person can say that they have met their hero is it? So, when we received this invitation from Random House a couple of weeks ago,

image001I got a little bit over-excited. All of the authors and illustrators mentioned are incredibly talented, and it is a huge perk of being a bookseller that we are invited to such events. However, for me, the fact that Anthony Browne, yes, Anthony Browne was on the list was beyond exciting. It is difficult for me to express (coherently) just how much I admire this man and his work. He is the reason that I wanted to complete my MA in Children’s Literature. His books are never passed on once the kids out-grow them, because they are mine! Yes, that’s right, mine. I allow our lovely children to read and cherish them, but they do not own them. They belong to me. Mwhahaha.*

Not only did I get to listen to him being interviewed, not only did he sign a book for me (with a cute bear illustration thrown in), not only did he actually sit down and chat about books and bookshops, but he also, very kindly agreed to Mr Frog taking this photograph,


I just hope that I didn’t come across as a slightly deranged fan-girl…but if I did, it’s because I am. Anthony Browne is a gem and we should all treasure his work because it is, quite simply, inspirational.

*Evil/maniacal laugh



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