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Reporting in!

Well hello dear reader, how are you? It’s fair to say that winter has very much arrived. I’m not a fan of it, so have chosen to hibernate, as all chickens should…

…Ok, I haven’t. But if I could, I would. Instead I am keeping myself warm by being very busy indeed. Today we ran an event for #DyslexiaAwarenessWeek. We decided to run an event, after one of very fabulous customers told us all about it. She is so wonderful, that she even made us delicious cakes,

cakeAren’t we lucky? They were soooo yummy – our creative writers have just polished off the last few. Yum!

So, what did we do? We set up tables full to the brim with ideas to support dyslexic children, from memory games to awesome Barrington Stoke books. I can’t stress enough how much we value the brilliant work of Barrington Stoke. They really understand what readers with dyslexia need and we applaud them for it.


If you didn’t make it, we still have some free activity books and leaflets from Barrington Stoke, so do pop in when you’re next in town.

We were joined by wonderful author J.D.Irwin, who has written the Edwin Spencer trilogy. Although not dyslexic, Julie found reading and spelling challenging at school, and as such is quite inspirational as a super duper writer. Julie is available for school visits – take a peek at her website for details.


Moving swiftly on from our #DyslexiaAwarenessWeek event, we had our monthly book club. This month’s book was Veronica Cossanteli’s ‘The Extincts’ and it went down very well. Here are some reviews from our super book clubbers:


The characters I enjoyed were LO, George, Prudence and Mrs Lind. My favourite part was when Lo had wings. I think Veronica Cossanteli is an imaginative story writer! The part I disliked was whn Dipye locked George and Prudence in the stuffing. (Millie, aged 9)

The character I enjoyed was George Drake. My favourite part was when George went to Wormstall Farm. I think that Veronice Cossanteli is a very good author. I did not enjoy Diamond Pye! (Emily, aged 7)

I really liked the part where George trod on the dodo’s egg and he had to take care of it. I also really liked the names of the animals like Dodo (which is an extinct bird). (Catherine, aged 11)

I really liked the back of the book where it told you all of the animal’s names. I also really liked where the dodo egg is half hatched and it imprinted on George and now George has to spend every second looking after the little creature. (Izzy, aged 11)

I liked the bit where the publisher said that Veronica wrte with a lizard on her head. I like DOGDO bowl. (Sophie, aged 9)

I like the one liners in the story and I think that Veronica has mastered the character George. I felt like I knew George as a friend by the end of the story. I would recommend this book to all who enjoys a hunorous novel. (Alex, aged 10)


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