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Completely Tamsyn

Tamsyn Murray is amazeballs. If you don’t believe me, here’s photographic evidence:

amazeballsSee, I told you. Praise indeed from one of our Book Clubbers don’t you think? But why is Tamsyn ‘amazeballs’? Well, there are sooo many reasons, but here’s our top 5:

1. She can lick her own elbow!

2. She is a self-taught balloon animal creator.

3. Plate spinning is easy peasy for Tamsyn.

4. Decorating of cakes is yet another of Tamsyn’s talents.

5. Tamsyn is a fantastic author!

You have no idea how tricky it was to limit that list to just 5.

Tamsyn came in yesterday to share the first of a new series of books with us…and to decorate cupcakes too! Why the cupcakes? Because Cassidy (from Completely Cassidy) is in search of a talent for her schools’ talent show. To understand how Cassidy would have felt, Tamsyn tried her hand at a whole host of new pastimes, from hula hooping to plate spinning. And she discovered that she’s actually pretty good at cake decorating, amongst other things. Not only did we get a visit from a great author, we also had a cake decorating 101 session, with the following results:

cakeWe also learned how to spin plates, create balloon dogs and swords, try desperatley to lick our own elbows and find out what’s in store for Cassidy next. All of our visitors had a brillaint time with Tamsyn and can’t wait for Completely Cassidy: Star Reporter, which is due for publication on 1st July.



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