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Have you heard the news?

I have a confession to make; I’ve never really been a fan of newspapers. As an educated, relatively well-informed person, this is a little embarrassing. The notion of ‘fake news’ which is surrounding us is nothing new, and so I have never felt that I could trust any one newspaper completely.

However, that all changed a year or so ago, when I stumbled across a copy of First News. First News is a weekly newspaper for children and it’s fantastic. When I had questions about Brexit, First News was my go-to read for clarification. I also use the paper with students, so now subscribe to a weekly edition, which arrives through my door each Friday.

And we are absolutely delighted to tell you that:

The paper usually cost £1.80, so it’s well worth investing in a subscription.

First News will also be running a journalism workshop at this year’s Brentwood Children’s Literary Festival.


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