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This is our happy place

This cute little sign was given to us by a customer and we love it, because it sums up perfectly how we feel about Chicken and Frog.

A week ago, we were feeling anxious about the changes that have since taken place here. My wittering can be found here. And now, the transformation has taken place. A Cafe Corner has been installed and thankfully, we didn’t need to reduce our book stock to fit it all in. The Elmer sofa has gone (it’s still a little too soon to talk about that), but the essence of Chicken and Frog remains.

In the past week we have sold lots of books (thank goodness), treats in the cafe, entertained a room full of Lego enthusiasts and welcomed the very lovely Matt and Cherish, who ran a bookmark making workshop this afternoon.

We would like to thank our customers, new and old, for boosting our morale. Keep on reading! (And drinking tea).

The new look.
‘Do Good in Brentwood’ – our first cafe visitors.

Bookmark making with Matt and Cherish.


And, just now, literally 5 minutes ago, Chesney Hawkes (yes!) and Mark Reed popped in for a cuppa. Chesney is in town, as he’s playing Joseph at the Brentwood Centre, this weekend. Tickets are still available, but only a few, so hurry!


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