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Sharpen your pencils

Do you love writing? We love reading!

During the lockdown, take part in our writing competition. The theme is ‘Everyday Heroes and Heroines’. We will split the entries into three age categories: Under 10s, 11-14, 15+. The winner of each category will receive a Chicken and Frog Bookshop gift certificate, to be redeemed either side of the lockdown.

The rules:

  • One entry per person
  • Entries must be clearly marked with your full name and date of birth
  • Entries to be emailed to, no later than 5:00pm on Saturday 30th May 2020
  • Entries can be typed or handwritten (and scanned!)

Ready, set, write!

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In addition, we are holding quite a lot of stock, including Tonies. If you live in Brentwood or Billericay, we can provide a contactless, doorstep delivery service. Just email us what you need!

And…just a reminder that Natasha is live streaming storytime twice a week via Instagram (@chickenandfrog) and Facebook. All storytimes are then uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Stay safe and happy reading.

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Hello you lovely readers of Brentwood and beyond.

Times are tough and we are here to support you as best we can. Until we are instructed to do so, we will remain open. However, if you can’t get to us, we can still get books to you! Either call us on 01277 230068 or contact us using the form below, so that we can arrange home delivery.

In addition, classes and Book Club are being offered via Skype. If you want more information, just get in touch.

And, lastly, we want to say a huge thank-you for your overwhelming support so far. we are humbled, grateful and exhausted in equal measure!

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Keep Calm and Buy Books

Hello again. Twice in as many days!

A version of this lovely message has been shared by a wonderful fellow bookseller, who has kindly said that we can adapt and share it with you.

This is our Top Ten for supporting us indies, authors and illustrators:

  1. Buy a book in the shop 
    If you can, pop into the shop and buy something; even just one book makes a HUGE difference to an indie bookshop.
  2. Order remotely
    If you can’t get out, you live too far away or are self-isolating, you can get in touch with via email, phone or any of our social media channels. If it’s in print, we can get it! As long as the postal service is up and running, we can get books to you. If you’re local to us, we can deliver books personally.
  3. Send a book to a friend
    Someone self-isolating or going through a tricky time? Then why not send a book to them to let them know you are there and thinking about them.
  4. Ask for book recommendations
    If you are not sure what you want to read then give us a budget, an idea about what you like to read and ask for suggestions. This is what we do every day and we would love to do more of it.
  5. Write a positive review of the bookshop
    On Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook or a local website. Raise the profile of the bookshop so that people know we are here and open for business.
  6. Follow on social media
    We are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Get involved!
  7. Like, share, comment and engage on social media
    Follow ourposts, share them with your friends and comment. If you have a picture of a book you have bought from us, share it – we would love to see this and so would the brilliant authors and illustrators who fill our world with wonder.
  8. Post a book review
    If you have read a great book, post a review, with a link about buying locally.
  9. Tell your friends about us 
    Do talk about us and what we can offer.
  10. Be kind
    This one is a given in Brentwood. Our customers are already wonderful. We know that many of you are stressed during this tricky time and we are trying to respond to a rapidly changing environment, so keep in touch and help us to help you.


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We’re Here to Help

Hello all. We are only too aware that the coming weeks, possibly even months, are going to test us all. We do not have plans to close unless we are instructed to do so. All classes, clubs and in-store events are still on track, but please do check on our website or social media for updates. We are following current guidelines, wiping surfaces down regularly with anti-bac, as well as washing toys used during our Rhythm and Rhyme sessions.

There is a contingency plan in place if we have to stop tuition, but we are hoping that this will not be the case. Technology will allow us to Skype, so please don’t panic – especially our GCSE students, who have exams on the horizon.

In addition, we can offer home deliveries, as well as in-store pick up on any book which is in print – that means books for adults too!

Using our knowledge, as well as keeping an eye on current stock levels, we have put together an educational title list for those of you who may wish to study at home. If you would like a copy, please feel free to contact us using the form below.



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Time Flies

Well hello there. Sorry, it’s been a while since we last spoke. It’s been 7 weeks, or thereabouts since we relocated to Crown Street and we love our new home. If you haven’t visited the area before, Crown Street is a beautiful, quirky little road bursting with character and individual businesses.

Although it’s only been a few weeks, we have been super busy already, with in-store events such as Harry Potter Book Night and Minecraft Creative Writing, as well as a whole host of school visits – Michelle Harrison, Vashti Hardy, and Lisa Thompson so far, plus creative writing workshops with yours truly.

And there’s more to come. Our Isadora Moon Party and Lego World sessions are fully booked, but there are spaces for art on Saturday,

We are regularly updating the events page with fun activities to keep you busy. The Easter break is already starting to fill up, so don’t miss out!

And, just before I go, a quick update re the Crowdfund rewards. The good news is, we are having bespoke badges made. The bad news is that they are being manufactured in China, which means a delay in production. As soon as we have a date, we will let you know. To save on postage, supporters who opted for a book or two, we are asking for your patience, so that we can send everything out in one hit.

That’s all for now.

Until next time, happy reading!


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year one and all. Did everyone manage some downtime over the festivities, including snuggling up in a corner somewhere with a good book? We were super busy with our move, meaning that the TBR pile isn’t any lower than it was at the end of 2019. Never mind, it was worth it.

Chicken and Frog re-opened for business this morning, after a full-on nine days of moving lots of lovely books from one store to another. Don’t worry though, we still managed to eat an inordinate amount of chocolate, but probably took fewer naps than this time of year calls for.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported us on our journey over the past seven years, especially in the past few chaotic weeks. There are too many of you to mention here, but we are truly grateful to friends, family, and customers, who have been part of the story so far. Every interaction, big or small, has helped to shape Chicken and Frog as we know it. We know how lucky we are.

Tomorrow will be a day of r and r, before reality kicks back in. The tuition schedule starts up on Monday, as well as all of the regular sessions that we have on offer throughout the week.

We look forward to seeing you in our new home, in Crown Street. There is a car park opposite the shop (Chatham Way), so it’s even easier to visit.

Until next time, happy reading.

Please note, we do not have a phone line for a few days, so if you need to contact us, please email so that we can stay in touch.

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Crowdfunding Wall of Gratitude

We, well you, did it! Within just a few weeks the initial Crowdfunder target was reached and yet you kept on giving.

There aren’t enough words to express our sincere thanks for your love and support for what we do. Here’s the wall of gratitude:

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home in Crown Street, from Saturday 4th January 2020!

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Community Arts Space

As you may know, we are moving to Crown Street in time for the New Year. The plan is to assign our lease in Ongar Road, but for now, we have two spaces. Now, I am pretty resourceful, but even I know that one human being can’t physically be in two places at once.

So, we have come up with an idea to use the space and cover some of the rent, whilst we find someone new to take over this beautiful space.

We are offering artists and crafters (local or far-flung), ‘shelf’ space, to exhibit their arts and crafts. The cost would be just £50 per month, payable in advance. The people using the space would be responsible for providing a team of volunteers to open up.

This is an opportunity for artists and crafters to raise awareness of their work and sell to the public too. Again, this would be managed by the individuals hiring the space.

There are two rooms available, depending on the scale of your project. You would be sharing space with others though. There is a sink and kitchen counter, meaning that you can offer light refreshments to your visitors if you wish to do so.

If you would like to have a chat about the possibilities, please complete the contact form, pop in or call 01277 230068.