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Book Club – Adults Only!

Last Friday our book club for adults met up to discuss A.F.Harrold’s The Song from Somewhere Else.


What follows is a very brief summary of our bookish chat, minus the tea and biscuits.

The poetic language certainly struck a chord with some members of the group. It’s very clear from this book that Ashley knows how to craft and manipulate language. Levi Pinfold’s illustrations are reminiscent of Jim Kay’s in A Monster Calls. The scratchy lines, blurred edges and dark depths brought Ashley’s words to life, adding a rich layer to the narrative.

The group were split with regards to Frank’s behaviour towards Nick, but all agreed that she and Nick were believable representations of children. Some wanted to know more about how Nick came into the world, and also find out more of Frank’s home life. Why was her mum absent so often?

All in all, we agreed that this novel tackles issues of friendship, bullying and other-worldliness in its own unique style.

On the 18th January we will be discussing this beauty:

And our February title is the latest novel from Karen McCombie:

Until next time, happy reading!

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Book Club

Every month, we run two book clubs and we absolutely love it! Thankfully, so do our book clubbers. Here’s what some of them had to say this afternoon:

‘I come to book club because I like reading and I really enjoy speaking about the books.’ (Elizabeth)

‘I come to book club because it helps me choose the right books to read. I also like to hear other people’s opinions on books and find out if they are the same.’ (Bella)

‘I like book club because books are my hobby. The Chicken and Frog is an especially good book club. I ❤ it, it’s the best ever.’ (Eleanor)

‘One of the main reasons that I like book club is because we get to vote on what we will read. This means that we may read something that we didn’t know existed before.’ (Martha)

‘I love reading. I discovered the Chicken and Frog because of my brother. I came here initially to write, but then I found out about book club too. I’ve come ever since. I’ve been here for about a year. I give the book club a five star rating!’ (Xanthe)

‘Book club is a spectacular thing. It helps children to get involved with books. They also do creative writing, which helps children to be one with the paper and pen.’ (Mary)



A very girl-heavy book club this afternoon! Thanks so much for the live tweeting, Cathryn!

We are very lucky!


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Authors, authors, everywhere!

If you know us well, then you will know that we are committed to get children (and their grown ups) partnered up with the perfect book. Part of the process is, of course, having a conversation with someone about what they like, and then pointing them in the right direction. However, another way (the best way) to inspire the act of reading, is to share a book and who better to do that, than the author or illustrator that created it? It’s exciting to meet a person who loves books so much, that they have been creative and brave enough to share theirs with the world.

That’s why we love to bring authors and illustrators to Chicken and Frog, as often as possible. In the coming months, we have quite a few visiting us here in sunny Brentwood.

So, here’s the run down of author visits (so far), between now and the end of the year:

Meet Hollie HughesHollies’ books are, quite frankly, laugh out loud funny! (Age 3+)

Meet authorNicky DeeNicky will be bringing along dinosaur artefacts, as well as her beautiful books. (Age 4+)

monday-10th-october8_00pmworld-mental-health-day-1This event is slightly different, as it is to raise awareness and funds for the Young People’s Counselling Services, here in Brentwood. Louis and Kathryn will be joining us from Spain, via Skype!

meet award winning author emma coxPerfect timing, just before Halloween. Magic and charm are the order of the day. (Age 7+)

meet-molly-loobyLocal author, Molly Looby, will be giving a talk, before mingling amongst the audience to sign books and answer your questions. (Age 13+)

meet-paula-harrisonPaula’s book is our Book Club pick for October, so we’re delighted that you’ll have the chance to meet her in December.

We will also be joined by Chitra Soundar in October, but need to finalise the details before we share them with you.

So there you have it, a run down of the author events taking place over the coming months. All events (apart from Molly’s) are free, so just turn up!


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The Enemy Within

We have just finished Book Club for November and it was a real circus! Our chosen title was The Enemy Within, by newly published author Gary Nott.


I don’t want to give too much away, as this is a mystery with many a twist and turn. But I will tell you that it’s set during one summer holiday in the 1970s; there’s romance (not too much), crimes to solve and firm friendships made, all within the space of one hectic school break.

The Book Clubbers absolutely loved The Enemy Within, as you can see from this 5 star review by Julia (aged 11).


The Book Clubbers got to ask Gary questions about the life of an author, as well as getting their book signed, which is always a treat,


We’re looking forward to Gary’s next book, which is a collection of original short stories. Watch this space for an update.

The Enemy Within is available in store.

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Book, book, book club

So, we’ve been having a bit of a think and we’ve come up with a plan. A plan that we think will add some excitement to the reading experiences of children in and around Brentwood. I say ‘we’, it was actually Mr Frog’s idea, but as he says, he’s the ‘ideas man’ and then I put the details together…we are a great team.

Book Club

From the 7th June, we will be running a monthly book club for children aged 8+. The club will take place on the first Saturday of each month, 15:15-16:00*. For the cost of just £7, I (Mrs Chicken) will lead a discussion and activity based upon a given book. The cost will include a copy of the month’s book to take home and love! We will ask you to book your place in advance, so that we order in enough copies of the books. Each month the children will receive a new book, which they are invited to read in their own time, and then bring with them in the following meeting. (Gosh, I’ve said ‘book’ a lot – sorry).

On the 5th June meeting, we will give out the book and read the beginning together, before having a good old discussion about it, followed by a book-based activity. The children will be given a choice of titles to vote on for the following month’s book.

*For the sharp-witted amongst you, you will notice that this means our younger Creative Writing Club will be affected. So, as of the 7th June, we will be merging the Creative Writing Clubs into one session every week. To clarify, Creative Writing Club will run from 16:00-17:30 every week for all ages, with a monthly Book Club preceding it. If your child wishes to attend both clubs, there will be a discounted fee of £10, because we’re nice like that!

For further information, or to secure a place, contact us: or 01277 230068

Just in case I haven’t said it enough, book, book, book…