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Book Club

Every month, we run two book clubs and we absolutely love it! Thankfully, so do our book clubbers. Here’s what some of them had to say this afternoon:

‘I come to book club because I like reading and I really enjoy speaking about the books.’ (Elizabeth)

‘I come to book club because it helps me choose the right books to read. I also like to hear other people’s opinions on books and find out if they are the same.’ (Bella)

‘I like book club because books are my hobby. The Chicken and Frog is an especially good book club. I ❤ it, it’s the best ever.’ (Eleanor)

‘One of the main reasons that I like book club is because we get to vote on what we will read. This means that we may read something that we didn’t know existed before.’ (Martha)

‘I love reading. I discovered the Chicken and Frog because of my brother. I came here initially to write, but then I found out about book club too. I’ve come ever since. I’ve been here for about a year. I give the book club a five star rating!’ (Xanthe)

‘Book club is a spectacular thing. It helps children to get involved with books. They also do creative writing, which helps children to be one with the paper and pen.’ (Mary)



A very girl-heavy book club this afternoon! Thanks so much for the live tweeting, Cathryn!

We are very lucky!



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