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Witchy Travel Tales

Local author, Sibel Beadle, joined us for Creative Writing Club this afternoon. Her series of books, Witchy Travel Tales, are packed full of strong female protagonists, with a magical twist:

The series “Witchy Travel Tales” tells the story of a witch called Miranda, who has seven beautiful daughters. “The Seven Sisters” tells of how Miranda and her daughters cross seven seas in search of a better home. One stormy night they land on the Seven Sisters Cliffs, south of England. The night they land on the Seven Sisters Cliffs a magical bunny that lives in the hills, visits Miranda and helps her to build seven magical houses. The series of books tell the travel tales of the witch and her seven daughters, who explore the beautiful land they have arrived in and visit ancient sights throughout England and the World in search of magic.

Sibel shared snippets from her latest book, before encouraging the group to create their own characters, who could fit into the world that Sibel has created.

Sibel has asked the children to email her their ideas. If you would like to send her some of your own ideas, for a new episode of Witchy Tales, you can:

‘Commit to your storyline and write the details around it.’ Sound advice!

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What a magical afternoon we had yesterday! This week marked the second Harry Potter Book Night – technically it was Thursday, but as we tutor after school it made sense to shift our celebrations along to Saturday.

As last year was far busier than anticipated, we asked people to book in this time, so that we could be fully prepared. And oh boy, I’m pleased that we did, as we managed to squeeze in over 40 children plus parents. It was a little warm by the end of the afternoon!

This year the theme was potions and charms, so we decided to create our own potions books. Here’s some of the Hogwarts’ students crafting away,

HP4There were all sorts of potions invented, from invisibility to knowledge. The young wizards and witches took to potions very well.

As well as the books, all of the children were sorted into their Houses, sung the Hogwarts Song and took part in the incredibly difficult quiz. Hats off to Ravenclaw, the winning house this year…it was close though, so let’s see what happens next year.

Mr Frog and I created something rather nifty, so that the children could pose for a crazed photograph. Here are a few suspicious looking characters:


Although Harry Potter Book Night celebrates the books, rather than the films, in honour of Alan Rickman, who will always be Snape, “Always.”