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One of the seven wonders?

The title of this blog post is a little tenuous, but let’s just go with it shall we?
As I am sure you know, the pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Well, I have stumbled across the modern day equivalent.
It’s called ‘The Pyramid Resource Centre’ and it’s great. I did say it was tenuous and I shan’t apologise for my terrible sense of humour. The premise is simple; businesses produce a lot of recyclable waste. Rather than recycling these materials, they are dropped off at the centre, where people can come along and take whatever they want. The materials change frequently, but can include items such as bubble wrap and cardboard tubing.
There’s a minimal annual fee, which varies depending on your status (charity, school etc) but otherwise the service is free of charge. I think it’s brilliant because it’s good for the environment and it cuts down costs for small businesses, schools and the like, who run arts and crafts sessions.
I highly recommend a visit to the website where you can find out about the resource centre and the toy library which is also on site.


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