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Time wasting?

Ok, so it’s only the second day of my summer holidays and I think I may have too much time on my hands. This morning I bought this,

under the shonky guise that it makes the perfect bookmark holder. Well, it is cool in a chicken-kitsch kind of way. Much better than using it for eggs in my humble opinion.

And then I made bunting using the pages of the beautiful catalogue from @vintagebooks

I am very pleased with my retro purchase and crafty skills. Now I need to buy lots of ribbon in order to make even more bunting, which is currently adorning my kitchen. In time though, said bunting and ‘bookmark’ holder will be gracing the counter of Chicken & Frog. Now, all I need is a big old birdcage to house a chicken* (and possibly frog)…any ideas?


*Not a real chicken obviously, that would be crazy, even for me.


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