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She’s Crafty…

What a great day I’ve had! The sun is actually shining. I did have to Google it to make sure it wasn’t an alien invasion, but apparently that’s what is supposed to happen at this time of the year. We’ve been outdoors without jumpers on. Awesome!

And then, I escaped for a bit with the lovely Mrs Mack to have a good old rummage at the Pyramid Resource Centre. I have blogged about the centre before, but this was my first real-life visit. I thank Claire for an air conditioned car and sat-nav, because otherwise I would have arrived after many wrong turns, in the form of a small puddle. The place is all that it promised to be. We found so many cool bits and bobs, all very useful for the great summer holiday workshops that we have lined up. (Details all available on our events page). This is an example of stuff that you can have for a very small donation:

You may see boxes of toot (as Mr Frog does), but Claire and I see puppets and junk monsters and hours of fun. So there! As well as the huge amount of various recycled materials, there is also a small arts & crafts shop on site, much of which was competitively priced.

We made off with two bin liners filled to the brim, plus lots of shiny gold card, tissue paper etc, all for a price which didn’t break the bank. I now have a shed full (literally a shed full) of junk modelling materials all ready for our ‘Recycling’ story-telling and puppet-making extravaganza next week (3rd August – my birthday for anyone who’s interested…), but if you are local to Brentwood and have any clean recycled materials, including kitchen roll tubes, egg boxes and the like, Claire and I would be very grateful for the donation.


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