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Look what I made!

There’s an arm of Random House called Vintage Books, who I have talked about before. Well, I still love them and their gorgeous take on children’s classics with a great passion. Anyway, a little while ago, when I clearly had far too much spare time, I made some bunting from one of their catalogues. I was quite pleased with myself and so were the lovely team at Vintage Books, so I have made them some of their own,



which will be carefully posted tomorrow morning.

In my previous post on this subject I mentioned a need for an antique bird cage. Yes, it is a need, rather than a want. An antique birdcage is the key to our success, I’m sure. My point is, we found one. Yay! Here it is,

isn’t it beautiful?!

Ok, now I need to go and do something a bit more productive and stop messing about.


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