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Are you sitting comfortably?…

…then I’ll begin. Today was the first Friday of super-duper free events that are taking place at King George’s Playing Fields throughout the summer hols. To be honest when I woke up this morning to a rather damp looking garden, I was worried. I know what it’s like to get the kids out of the house at the best of times, but when you factor in rubbish weather (again), there is usually an overwhelming sense of doom to the whole affair. However, I should not have doubted the wonderful people of Brentwood, or the weather for that matter, as they came out in force.

We were housed in this magnificent beauty,

which is basically, a huge inflatable tent with cool windows! It was like being inside an oversized marshmallow. By the end of the day we (me and Mrs Mack) were exhausted, covered in pva glue, but incredibly happy. We must have seen at least 200 children throughout the day, all making Olympic-themed crafts, thanks to Claire and her whizzy crafty ways

and listening to lots of stories (thanks to me and my ability to tell, not just read a story). I have no idea what the face is that I’m pulling; I’m clearly in character!

I now know three books particularly well and may even dream about them tonight. Next week I will be taking a larger selection, for the sake of my sanity. Our theme on 3rd August is ‘Recycling’, so if you’re near Brentwood, or fancy a day out in the ‘country’, why not pop along? We’ll be making junk-modelled monsters and sharing many stories and poems too. The day is jam-packed full of free events, including face painting, Punch and Judy and of course, us!

p.s. A huge thank-you to the brilliant team at Brentwood Council for having faith in us, hiring the dome and most importantly, for hosting a superb FREE event for the families of Brentwood. @bwoodevents


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