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A Little Diversion

I’ve had a funny sort of day today. Not funny ha-ha, just a bit odd because events took me out of my usual Thursday routine. Every other week Thursdays are a shop day, however this week I went to ‘work’, but not work work. Instead I travelled to South Kensington (very fancy), for a training day with the wonderful leadership team I am part of at school.

There were many things about my day which threw me off kilter. For a start I travelled by train, whereas I normally get to drive in the comfort of my own car, where I can sing (ok, not sing in the conventional sense). I always look forward to train journeys and then about 10 minutes in I remember why I haven’t been in one for an age. They’re like a doctor’s waiting room. Why don’t we speak to each other in this country? The only person that spoke on the first leg of my journey was a mum who kept on telling her daughters off for speaking too loudly whilst playing on their phone. Horrid.


Virgin Media will roll-out Wi-Fi across London Underground stations in a groundbreaking first later this year


Then I got terrible window display envy as I sauntered passed Harrods (in my Primark wardrobe). They have a full size Chinese dragon, with moving jaws. It kind of puts my plan of swishy material and lanterns into pathetic perspective that’s for sure!

English: Harrods logo. Redrawn from scratch. P...


Primark logo
Primark logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The day improved as I indulged in lots of yummy food, coupled with a thought-provoking course on effective, assertive leadership. A slight down-turn again, as it took me over two hours to complete a relatively short journey, meaning that I scooted into the shop with just enough time to book in some freshly delivered stock, before staring tuition sessions. Breath! Got home, kissed the kids, went out again for a parents’ evening for Radish Number 1, terribly unhealthy take away and now to blogging, which is a thinly disguised excuse to avoid the ever-growing pile of ironing which is threatening to take over the house!

Anyway, the point of this blog post? Not sure if I’m honest. I was going to get on my high horse about people not reading vs people reading on the train, but I’m too tired. I did notice that the majority of readers were men with a newspaper. There were a sprinkling of e-readers and only one book (not including my own). Sadly most people had earphones in and were texting furiously throughout, whilst maintaining absolutely no eye contact with a fellow traveller.

Make of this post what you will. I solemnly swear not to ramble in such an unfocussed fashion ever again (honest).


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