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And the winners are…

On Saturday 9th February, we were joined in the shop by the talented J.D.Irwin (a.k.a Julie!). Why? Because we ran a creative writing competition with the lovely Julie as our guest judge and Saturday was prize giving day.
There was a fantastic energy as people came together, not just to celebrate their own achievements, but to delight in the joys of writing.
For once I’m not going to say too much, because the wonderful stories speak for themselves. I will just say a huge thanks to Julie for making the final tough decision and an even bigger thanks to the wonderful children of Brentwood for picking up a pen or pencil and letting their imaginations run wild.
Here are the runners’ up and winners’ fantastic stories. We chose to scan in their writing, rather than type them up, because the children’s penmanship and illustration is so beautiful.

Reception:Lilly Miles (Hogarth)

Lilly pg1Lilly pg2.jpeg
with Freddie Geggus as runner up (Hogarth)


Year 1/2: Isabella Scharvona (Holly Trees)

Isabella pg1Isabella pg2 with Amelia Bendall as runner up (Holly Trees)

Amelia pg1

Amelia pg2

Amelia pg3

Year 3/4: Iris Blake-Mahoney

Iris pg1Iris pg2 with Sophie Miles as runner up

Sophie pg1Sophie pg2

Year 5/6 Jack Williamson (Hogarth)

Jack with Ellen Fasham as runner up (Holly Trees)

Ellen pg1Ellen pg2Ellen pg3Ellen pg4

And a very special mention goes to the nutty (and brilliant) Michelle Ward for her superb entry too:

Do Chickens Have Lips.

It was a bitterly cold day in Brentwood, Mr. Frog’s legs shook from the cold making it very difficult to hop along Crown Street. He had of course wrapped up warm, in his best jeans, a thick wool jumper in beige and his brown leather shoes, all topped off with a black leather beret. Mr. Frog was looking very smart indeed. Why had Mr. Frog put in all that effort for his shopping trip? Mr. Frog was in love.

At the end of Crown Street, there was a little shop called Mrs. Chicken’s Vegetable Emporium. Mrs. Chicken had been married to Mr. Chicken who had left her for Ms Spring Chicken several years earlier. Mrs. Chicken was definitely an independent bird.

“I’m so nervous” Mr. Frog had told Mr. Badger. “I just saw her smile and my heart skipped a beat”. Mr. Badger replied “Hmm do chickens have lips”?  Mr. Frog decided to visit Mrs. Chicken’s Vegetable Emporium to find out.

As Mr. Frog approach the door way to the shop, he could see Mrs. Chicken talking to a customer. She was truly a beautiful chicken with the longest eyelashes Mr. Frog had ever seen. He felt himself blush and picked up a couple of potatoes and pretended to marvel at their quality.

Mrs. Chicken waved to Mr. Frog. She drew in a long breath and walked over to him. “Can I help you Mr. Frog” she asked, her eyelashes fluttering. “MY GOD”, thought Mr. Frog. “She knows my name!.

Mr Frog knew that this was his one chance to impress Mrs Chicken and before he knew it, he was talking like they had been friends for years. “I was just looking to purchase some vegetables to make some homemade soup”  said Mr Frog. “I love soup” Mrs. Chicken replied. “You do” Mr. Frog said blushing. “I do” said Mrs. Chicken. “Would you like to come over for some soup, Mrs. Chicken? I am going to make carrot and leek, with butter, cream and freshly ground black pepper”. “Oh my” said Mrs. Chicken, her claws tapping on the wooden floor “that’s my absolute favorite soup, ever!”

That night they sat in Mr. Frog’s kitchen, eating the delicious homemade carrot and leek soup. They talked and talked, they laughed and laughed and stayed up all night until the daylight shone through the kitchen window.

“I should be going home” Mrs. Chicken sighed “but maybe tomorrow you would like to come to my house for dinner”. Mr. Frog could of hopped across the room “oh Mrs. Chicken, I would be delighted” “Mr. Frog, please call me Valerie” said Mrs. Chicken. “Ok Valerie” said Mr. Frog “you can call me Herbert”.

Mr. Frog suddenly thought about what Mr. Badger had said “do chicken have lips”. At the kitchen door he leaned in and kissed Mrs. Chicken and Mrs. Chicken kissed him back. “Yes” he thought “Chickens do have lips”.

Of course Mr. Frog, (Herbert to his friends) and Mrs. Chicken (Valerie to her friends) met up many times for soup and eventually Mr. Frog proposed and they were married on the beach at Southend on Sea.

If you happen to walk by the Mr. & Mrs. Frog-Chicken Vegetable Emporium on Crown Street, be sure to give them both a wave.


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