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Forty or faulty?

This month was a big birthday for me, as I turned 40 on Saturday. I know, it’s shocking that I am now in my mid thirties, but it’s true!
One of my friends absolutely hated the big four o, and asked if I was going to stay at home on Saturday, hiding away from the world. Why would I do that? Firstly, the age thing has never bothered me and secondly, my life is pretty good, so I’m a happy chicken.
What’s the best thing about birthdays? For me, it’s the cake (thank-you to my brilliant Holly for this year’s yummy offering):

Spending time with my lovely family and friends and of course, the presents. I have been truly spoilt this year and as the general theme was Alice, books and quite a big splash of purple, I thought I’d share some pics with you.
This is a gorgeous tea cosy from my crafty friend Claire, beautifully modelled by myself as a hat. I think it works well!

And here’s a very cute book which sums up my pending old age perfectly,

And now onto the Alice themed gifts from my wonderful Mr Frog,


On Sunday we had a Mad Hatter’s tea party, where some of our friends and family excelled themselves with their creativity,


I am a very lucky chicken indeed.


p.s. I know this isn’t really about being a bookshop owner, apart from the very tenuous links due to my awesome gifts, but sometimes it’s just nice to share. Happy reading everyone.


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