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Just an update!

Well hello lovely readers, how are you? I’m jolly well, thanks for asking. It’s been a busy couple if weeks, what with one thing and another, so I thought I’d fill you in with a bit if rambling and a handful of photographs.
First up, the crazy stuff that makes me chortle. Friends, who know me far too well, bought me a wind up chicken and frog for my birthday. Obviously this has resulted in quite a few chicken and frog races, like this one:

Our eldest doesn’t find this amusing, but I do, so there!
I have been very busy planning all sorts of plans with the lovely Mark from the Brentwood Theatre.. As a result of scheming we will be collaborating with the theatre during the Christmas period, focusing on the theme of the brothers Grimm. And of course, the Brents are coming up in September for which we are proudly supporting the best actor under the age of 18.
What else? We’ve run some really great sessions in the past week, including a delicious cookery course,

Another art class with Russell Newton, where the children refined their lettering skills,

And the second of our Summer Holiday Lego challenges,

What else? Well, we are planning a collaboration with Talking Tots (Brentwood) in October. They are launching a Back to Books campaign and we are delighted to be able to support them in this. Details for the event will follow in the very near future, although we can say that there will be a party involved and a 10% discount voucher for all Talking Tots parents involved.
Last thing. I am now a regular on the educational visits page for Essex Mums, as well as a teacher for their ‘ask the expert’ panel. Told you I’d been busy.
I think I’ll go and curl up with a good book now and get an early night, ready for Steven Lenton’s visit in the morning.



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