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A Grand Day Out

Yesterday I had a day off, out and about with my lovely daughters. We spent the whole day in our fair capital city; we walked a lot, ate a lot and took a lot of photographs too. I wanted to share some of the book-related pictures that I snapped with my phone. Apologies now for the quality (or lack of it) of said pics.

Before we had arrived in Covent Garden, I spotted these rather lovely posters at the station:

A beautiful Alice-inspired safety poster.
A beautiful Alice-inspired safety poster.
There's a series of these glorious Penguin poster ads.
There’s a series of these glorious Penguin poster ads.

The kids groaned, as I got all excited about anything to do with books, but I don’t care. At least I didn’t drag them around countless bookshops…yes, I know we own one, but it’s a harmless addiction. On saying that however, I did take a few snaps in Harrods, possibly near the children’s books and toys sections, but I can’t remember for certain…

Paddington is coming back in a big way this year.
Paddington is coming back in a big way this year.

Moving on. Liberty has this hanging down from a beam (I’m guessing donated by the wonderfully talented team from Matilda),


I couldn’t resist drooling slightly over the case of vintage books displayed at Liberty. Thankfully for my bank balance, there were no copies of Alice,

IMG-20140102-00072After a spot of tea and cake,







we wandered down to Carnaby Street. I relived my youth slightly, before the girls made most of the sales in David and Goliath, where I found this brilliant t-shirt:

IMG-20140102-00075See, the influence of literature is everywhere! I also saw these random items:

Mmm, Paperchase.
Mmm, Paperchase.



That’s not¬†everything, however, I shall stop my ramblings for now and leave you in peace.

p.s. Remember, I have asked you to send in a postcard with your favourite book (given or received) over the festivities.




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