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Thanks So Much!

What a crazily busy, gloriously wonderful day we’ve had today! A few months back I tweeted (rather shamelessly) Laura Dockrill to ask her if she would like to drop by for a visit, if ever she was in the neighbourhood. And she said…yes! If you don’t ask, you don’t get. The beauty of asking over a Twitter is the semi-anonymity of it all. You don’t need to do the waffly stuff, you just say what you need to say and hide behind the sofa until a response twitters your way.

Anyway, back to Laura. She said ‘Yes’ which was very exciting. So me and Mr Frog got to work, booking in children to meet Laura. Here comes the crazy – we arranged for 75 children to swing by. Not all from the same school, that would be uber crazy.

The day was awesome! Laura spent an hour with each group, talking about life experiences, sharing stories and generally inspiring everyone in the room. If you don’t know about melting Maltesers gently under your bum, you haven’t lived!

And if you haven’t had the chance yet, pick yourself a copy of Darcy Burdock or Hi So Much. (We have signed copies in-store). Darcy is up for the Waterstones book if the year. It deserves to win, so we count ourselves very lucky to have persuaded Laura to visit us.

Here’s some great pics from the day,






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