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What a week!

Some weeks at Chicken and Frog tick along at a steady pace, whilst others are a little bit crazy. The week that has just ended was the latter. I’m not complaining, crazy suits us well, but it means that I haven’t had a chance until now to fill you in on what’s been going on.

So, on Monday we went back to work after the May half term. The shop had been open, however we went away for the whole week, leaving Grandad and Grandma Chicken in charge of the coop. (Huge thanks to them both for being wonderfully wonderful). It was fab, although a bit daunting as we haven’t left the shop before. It was in very good hands though and we enjoyed a bit of time away from reality. As you may expect, Monday was rather busy catching up with orders and the like.

On Wednesday, the superb author Dan Freedman came to Brentwood to visit Hogarth Primary School. Before the visit, Dan was interviewed by Michelle Ward at Phoenix FM. There are two points to note here. Firstly, if you’ve never listened to Michelle’s show, you should. She’s hilarious and a really great interviewer. Secondly, if you’re struggling to find the right book for a reluctant reader, who happens to love football, look no further. Dan’s books are perfect,



Dan had the children at Hogarth mesmerised. You can’t beat the experience of meeting an author and finding out first hand what it’s like to go through the process of writing. If you ever get the chance to meet an author, snap it up, it’s inspiring. Here’s Dan in action at Hogarth,



The rest of the week was relatively normal (for us) and then Saturday rocked up, with it’s rain and sun and book club and another author and, and, and…

Yep, one author a week isn’t always enough for us. We’re greedy. Happily, Chitra Soundar agreed to pop in on Saturday afternoon to hang out with our Creative Writing Club and she was amazing. Not only did Chitra share one of her beautiful books with us,

And not only did she tell us a Vietnamese folk tale, Chitra also guided the children through an organic writing process, in which each of them produced an illustrated story to be proud of,




Done? Nope. We also ran our monthly book club for the first time. Boffin Brainchild was very well received I’m pleased to say. Next month’s book (Saturday 5th July) will be Anthony Horowitz’s The Falcon’s Malteser,


Last thing! We hosted a birthday party this morning, which involved the soundtrack of Frozen pretty much on repeat for the duration. Mr Frog coped very well with the glitter and the girls were an absolute delight. At one point it was like sing-a-long-a-Frozen. Very cute indeed. If you pop in tomorrow, there may be glitter…


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