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Boffin Brainchild: The Verdict

Last week we started our monthly book club with a bang. Well, with a robot actually. At the end of the session I asked for reviews of Boffin Brainchild, so here they are:

‘I thought the book was quite slow in the first chapter, but then on each new chapter it just got more and more interesting. I really liked the ending because it was really happy how it ended. Also it left you in a bit of a position of you have got to keep on reading it.’ (Maya, aged 10)

‘I couldn’t stop reading this book. Some of it was a bit sad but I still think it’s good. It was very exciting. I really liked the ending. My favourite character is Tom.’ (Ellie, aged 9)

‘So far I am enjoying Boffin Brainchild. It is a fun, hilarious book about a robot by the name of Boffin who decides to run away with Tom. So far this has been a great read and I can not wait to read on!’ (Alex, aged 10)

‘So far I have enjoyed the book. The occasional chats make you think harder about the story line and details of the book. From first glance the book didn’t look exciting but when I started reading, it began to get more intriguing.’ (Robert, aged 10)

All in all, Jill Jennings’ book got a thumbs up! So, if you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy soon.


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